Double Exposure Photography

Double Exposure Photography

Double Exposure Photography

More than one exposures are pictures wherein two or greater photographs are superimposed in a single frame. They allow you to experiment along with your shots and create surreal, specific and charming pics. Positive you can do a Photoshop trick to get the impact, but that wouldn’t be nearly as plenty fun! The popular expression says that each photograph tells a tale – properly double exposures can inform many, many stories. We’ve organized this manual to get began with this great techniques!

Why Double Exposure Photography is excellent…

Double Exposure Photography opens up a whole global of unexpected and incredible results – whether you pick to plot out your analog pictures or pass randomly together with your instincts, more than one-exposed pictures promise infinite experimental opportunities and sudden results to be able to surprise you.

Double Exposure Photography

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Sketching Art

Sketch Art Tips

Sketch Art that Will Improve Your Art Skills


Sketching Art is the practice of drawing a difficult define or rough draft version of a final piece of art. Sketching may be utilized in practice for a huge piece of artwork, or to just get a concept of how something will look. whether or not you’re sketching for amusing or for an undertaking, gaining knowledge of the right technique could make the exercise a whole lot greater enjoyable.

We think much time how to start and which step improve our sketching artwork. Our little practice makes us perfect. As we know “practice makes the man perfect”

Sketching Art

In this article, you will learn about all the tips which may helpful for your art skills. It’s true everyone can’t do this only those carry this art who has a critical eye. If you already read my article The Basics of Pencil Drawing Techniques then you will easily get that. Have a look at these Tips:

1-Prepared all the relevant material for Sketching Art:

sketch drawing

Before the start of sketching art, collect all the relevant material carefully. Which may use to capture the sketch. The material box is filled with the watercolor pencils, blunt pencils, markers, fine liners, and sketchbook.

2- Shape of your reference photo:

face sketches

The most important and useful trick is to create a shape of your reference photo. When you find the underlying shape of the photo like face and skull than it’s easy to draw.  The circle and the triangle are the most used shapes but you can you can use according to your photo which you want to draw. In this stage use the light panicle with the loose hand.

3- Analyze the feature of the face:

drawing techniques

Before sketching, observe the photo for a mint and think which you see and try to draw. For the feature of the face, the useful technique is to draw the vertical lines. By using the vertical lines you can easily find the distance of the face feature between the eyes, nose, chin etc. these tips also improve your observation and the analyze skill. In the art journey, you will learn much skill.

4- The main area of your picture:

sketch art images

When you are learning how to draw sketching art, think what is the main part of the scene, when you find your focal point than it’s easy to take the next step. You don’t need to draw each and everything of the scene. You can only draw the shapes of the surrounding area of the photo. By learning these tips, you will draw a masterpiece in a very short time.

5- Lines and shades make the art beautiful:

Sketching Art

by using the panicle lines and shading, you can add the more attractive texture to your art work. It will add the depth to your work so don’t be afraid to using shading. The shadows and darker foliage show your art is unnatural. Each pose, irrespective of how simple or bland, has an extraordinary but subtle gesture and line of gravity.


By following these tips you will improve enough your art skill. Try to capture the unique ideas but don’t forget to send us feedback.


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Weird Animal

Unseen Weird Animal Photos

A Quick look at These Unseen Weird Animal Photos Will Make Your Think Twice

Nature is mysterious, majestic and delightful but also can be weird. Maximum people don’t see the form of animal’s species that inhabit the earth nowadays. And some even get amazed as they discover there’s a Weird Animal they haven’t heard of earlier than. Here’s a listing of all the unusual and strangest Animal you’ve most possibly never heard of, and likely won’t see prancing around.

Could you like any of these rarest Animals to grow to be petted, and a roof with you? We put together a collection of such unheard-of creatures which might be 100% actual Weird. Some of them are the pretty cute Weird Animal that deserves the nature of lifestyles on the earth. check all the Weird Animal presenting below

Weird Animal Pictures


1. Unusual Animal picture in the deep sea

Unusual Animal picture

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Family Portraits Photography

Top 5 Tips for Family Portraits Photography

Family Portraits Photography

Family Portraits Photography is capturing a moment of a family member or forefather, often kept as an inherited those you care for most. These photos can be hung inside the homes of own family parts to remind you of those closest to you. These photographs become a valuable reminder that may be appeared recall to share memories. For me, family portraits photography is more flexible and interesting to do than any other type of photography.

In this article, I’ll suggest you some tips for family portraits photography allowing to get the amazing results.

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Concert Photography

All About Concert Photography

A short Explanation of Concert Photography 

Concert Photography is the photography of activities regarding live shows and tune. It incorporates photographs the of a band or musician as well as the description of a concert.

Concert Photography is one of the maximum hard fields in pictures than to pose photos. On this form of photography, we don’t have any manage of almost any parameter in the photo. We will direct the object we do not have to manipulate over the continuously changing lights, we also do not have access to any angle.

In this short article, I’ll share some tips to capturing a concert photography and about camera settings, they’ll sure help you to boost you as the concert photographer.

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Minimalist Photography

The Minimalist Photography

Which things lead you for Minimalist Photography?

Do you want to know what minimalist is? Actually, in the simple words, Minimalist photography draws an impression from the concept of minimalism in artwork – a style of artwork and the great way to create an eye-catching photography. Artistically talking, minimalism involves the use of a minimal amount of components such as shape, line, and shade.

In this article, you may get how you could use a number of the tips of minimalism to benefit your images, and discover how you may Minimalist Photography Beginners

Minimalist Photography

A perfect minimalist subject

Photographic chance is all around us, but it’s up to you how to choose this. We are surrounding the many objects that make the good subjects.  The first step closer to studying Minimalist Photography is to find the hidden opportunities. While crossing the open areas, search for bright blocks of color, exciting geometric styles or traces, and subject that has simplified backgrounds – all splendid possibilities for minimalist photography. Your shot depends on your location where you select to stand out your subject.

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Beach Photography

Some Ideas for Beach Photography

What you do know about Beach Photography

When we listen about beach and beach photography we always think for a mint about it. What is basically beach photography? If seascapes are approximately nature, then beach pics are about people. It is capturing a landform along a frame of water. It commonly consists of free particles, which are often collected of rock, together with sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles, or cobblestones.

Beach Photography

Let’s Ecplore Beach Photography Tips

We all love the beach and want to photograph, but getting a decent photograph out of your seashore tour can be a touch difficult. Here are some quick guidelines on beach photography that must help you increase your outcome.

Choose a focal point:

While capturing beach photography, the one common place problem is that whilst they might capture a lovely scene but they have no factor of a hobby and may, as a result, and boring. While taking a shot look for a point of interest or focal factor for the viewer’s eye to relaxation.

Sunrise and sunset are the best time for Capturing:

The quality pix you will seize on the seashore will normally be taken earlier because that time mild becomes too effective. Which shows the result of capturing at some stage in the golden hour. If that is the time you intend to be on the seashore, then it will be more beneficial.  Although that is just a small piece of advice from me, so don’t regard it as unimportant, capturing at the right time on a seashore can get you a few stunning pics and is a lot of tons less difficult than shooting at the incorrect time whilst the sun is high. So, in Short, it’s my suggestion to be there on sun rise or sun set time.

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Cool Love Black and White Silhouette Photography

Tips and Tricks for Stunning Silhouette Photography

What is Silhouette Photography?

Silhouette photography is one of my favorite things to photograph because this type of photography can easily get your attention by their contrast of dark and light. Silhouette photography basically is an image where a dark figure is a captured against the light background.

Through Silhouette photography you can share your emotions and present the mystery and the drama.

Silhouette Photography

Tips and Tricks for Stunning Silhouette Photography.

Silhouettes Photography is a psychological effect of the image that can be frightening and beautiful but it up to you, how to present your subject for your viewers. There are some simple tips and trick that easy to follow.


The easiest way to capture a great silhouette photos is to use the sun as your background or backlight. The sunset and the sunrise time is the best time for the shot because your background should be brighter than your subject and it also adds the natural texture to your photographs.

Chose the Subject:

You need to put some ideas into your subject because it’s tricky to choose the subject and set it in front of the sun because the direct light will give an impressive and stronger silhouette photos. Keep in mind while choosing a subject, the subject should be recognizable because silhouette can’t draw the texture, colors, and tone of the subject.

Position yourself and your subject:

While capturing in front of the sun, your subject should stand between you and the light source like the sun and the subject’s body blocking the sun. If you walk closer to your subject it will be easy to block out the direct light of the sun. Walk around the subject and make the outlines.

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Beginner Photography

10 Simple Beginner Photography Tips

Beginner Photography

In this article, I’ll share some great Beginner Photography tips with you that I’ve learned by time to time. So that, you can learn everything about photography which takes you the beginners in that field. It’s not difficult to capture the subjects around us, as a photographer we are visual learners. By capturing and mistaking, so then we improve ourselves better. Through the mistake, you can better learn about your camera and can create your own way to capture.

Beginner Photography

10 Simple Beginner Photography Tips

I’ve got some simple tips that you easily remember and follow and can be used with any type of camera and sure helpful for Beginner Photography.

ISO Meaning

If the light passed through the aperture and filtered by the shutter speed, the sensor extends and we need to open the ISO. In the exposure photography, the photographers use number up ISO but at the time an image quality can be decreased. So in the Beginner’s Photography, you can use the term of exposure vs. grain.

Canon vs. Nikon

Which camera is the best for Beginner Photography Canon or Nikon? There are a lot of similarities, but there’s a lot of difference too. It’s up to you which camera you select. Most of the latest Nikons utilize a new sensor design that allows an optical low pass filter. On the other hand, Canon’s latest DSLRs focused on the megapixels. For the further details about the camera, you can Read this Article 


Aperture is like a pupil of your eye and this is the hole inside of the lens and allowed the light passed. As the aperture widens of your camera, the lighter allowed into the camera it can be best when taking landscapes. In Beginner photography you should learn in which situation, how can cover it.

Lens Hood

Am not suggestion the use one but there is a reason to do so? The primary lens stops the light to hitting the front lens and reducing contrast and produce the flare. And the secondary lens hood protects the lens. The longer focal length lenses provide more front lens protection from dust and rain.

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logo design

20 best inspiration Photography logo design ideas

Photography Logo design

Great photography logo design inspiration required the design skill and hard work with creative suspicion. Logo design photos is a small set of your unique identity. Now, these days logo design is the best way to establish your brand identity and give impact on your customers. Today I’ll present

20 best inspiration  Photography logo design ideas for the company.

Photography Company Logo design basically is a face of the company. Through your logo design, you can give a visual description of your company and the set of brands. The logo design photography may promote your business.

Hope the given photography company logo design’s ideas you find them useful, let us know what u likes in the comment bellow.


Photography Logo Design


Photography Logo Design

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llong Exposure Photography

Tips for Shooting Long Exposure Photography

Everything About Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography means about capturing stationary scenes with the moving element picture that will require a long-duration shutter speed. This type of photography is easy to conduct in low light conditions but mostly used in night time settings.

Long Exposure Photography with Android phone

You can also capture with your Android phone and iPhone to capture amazing moving elements like fireworks keeping a shutter in slow speed. With an Android device, after a few trials of shot and error, you’ll found a long exposure picture. I’ll suggest you a couple of tips while capturing by Android phone or iPhone.

Dark shot: keep the exposure level for the dark shot at middle and high and shot into ten and thirty seconds.

Light shot: keep the exposure level low and shot for a few seconds within twenty.

12 Best long exposure photography photos were taken with Mobile Phone

Exposure Photography

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Travel Photography

Best Travel Photography Guide

Let’s Explore How to do Travel Photography

Travel photography is a category of photography that may use for documentation of culture, people, and an area’s landscape. Travel photography is the best tool for creating awareness about different cultures and livings.

I want to talk about the way and moral sense which you need to follow for travel photography.

Travel photography basic rules for Beginners

Research for Travel Photography: Read all about that place where you’ll be visiting through social media to know what was really  in a place. Also, consult with other photographers and sources.

Travel Photography

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Advertising photography

Best Explanation of ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY Importance and Tips


Advertising photography is usually used for marketing purposes rather than protect a memory or telling a story as in fine art photography. Advertising uses 3D graphics, text, animations and photography to attract the attention but the photography for advertising is only one striking point of getting attention to the viewers.

Importance of Advertising Photography in Marketing

First of all, I will discuss how much advertising photography is important in your marketing.…….

  • It’s the photography that attracts the viewer in the first site.
  • This type of photography is the shortest way to explain the benefits of a product.
  • It’s the first step to start policy meeting with the client.
  • It is the easy way to convey the message about the product that can everyone understand.
  • That’s extremely important when working with extensive ad agencies and clients.
  • Marketing is all about presenting your value that should be higher impressive and it’s may possible by using Advertising photography.
  • Because of Advertising, your business looks bold, unique and modern.

Advertising photography

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