how to become a tattoo artist

How to Become a Tattoo Artist

How to Become a Tattoo Artist

The artwork of tattooing is more than just altering the body via placing ink into the pores and skin. if you wondering about How to Become a Tattoo Artist.Tattoo artists are professionals who design and apply tattoos to all regions of customers’ our bodies with specialized needles. There are pretty a few methods to break into the tattoo industry. Just a few of those methods leads down the right street. And I’m able to admit, that once I first commenced tattooing, it nearly value me my profession because I used to be no longer shown the proper way of doing things.

Basic of Tattoo art:

in the first step, you need to know the basic of this artwork. If you are well known about the drawing, it doesn’t mean that you are expert in Tattoo art. Aspiring tattoo artists should possess fantastic inventive ability and creativity. Earlier than an artist can advantage an apprenticeship working in a store, she or he needs to complete a professional portfolio exhibiting his or her first-rate works of art. To achieve success as a tattoo artist, you should be inventive and feature sturdy basics. The capacity to attract everything from animals to skulls and roses is an absolute necessity.

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house painting

HOUSE PAINTING Tips for Color Selections and Basic Tools Guideline


Now, these days House painting is not difficult for an artist or artistic mind, it’s not difficult to make your home beautiful. Everyone want the fresh and new look of the home. I ‘ll tell you the best tricks to make your home beautiful and attractive in the best ways to give a breath of fresh air for your old room.Let’s Start with step by step.


Selection of Color Paint-Best household Paint:

Before choosing color always keep in mind that paint color effect on your mood, its effects you physically and psychologically.

Painting Techniques for Walls

⦁ Select those colors which keep you restful, soft, cool, and dramatic.

⦁ A strong color might be too darker in the daylight.

⦁ The volume of the room is the impact of the color painting.

⦁ The light colors make your room easy to see and the dark color make it narrow. The right interior paint can turn your room into an extraordinary space. Wall Decoration With Paint Ideas. you can do lot cheapest, fastest and easiest things that to change the interior looks. wall decoration with paint ideas that are going to present how to add a personal touch to your home while not spending a lot of money.

house painting

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abstract painting

Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Abstract painting is a field of visual delights. This type of art explores the connection between forms and colors. Abstract art doesn’t represent a person, place or things of the natural world. its an Artwork which takes freedom, change for instance color and form in ways that are visible.
When we talk about abstract art we always thought how we can do that like if you are wondering that where to start abstract art then you are at right place, Here are some simple or understandable ideas for you to get basic knowledge about it.

abstract painting

Let me take you for the 1st step that is Inspiration:

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graphic design

Best Graphic Designing Tools and online software’s

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is basically a category of fine art it is also called the art of techniques. This Art is a form of visual artistic expression.
Today web design is the most common career paths for the graphic artist because the demand for web designers is getting high with the popularity of the World Wide Web. The graphic artist uses their imagination or original ideas with typography, layout, and logos to market the products of the business.

graphic designing

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What is ART

What is ART (ALL About ART)

What is ART?

while defining what is Art we can say it is a wide range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing art works. Most of the people use the art to express their feelings like dancing singing-performing handiwork. It’s a great way to express the inner.
It is said to Known the use of art make our work perfect.
The use of art mostly depends on the types of art but its use in the daily life at home, at business, at school work.

What is ART

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Best Calligraphy Practice

The Art of Calligraphy

Basically, calligraphy is a visual art that is related to writing. It’s a piece of fine-art where the letters sometimes may readable or may not be. it is used for event and wedding invitations, religious art, logo design, graphic design testimonials, maps and other written works.

Let’s Start with Calligraphy

Before starting calligraphy you need to collect the basic tools. The tool for a calligraphy is the pen and the brush. pen’s nib in the different shape that may be round, flat or pointed. Multi-nibbed pens and steel brushes can also be used for some decorative purpose.



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pencil sketching techniques

The Basics of Pencil Drawing Techniques

Pencil Drawing Techniques

There are many ways to save our ideas today just like the pencil sketch its a method of recording or working out ideas according to our thoughts.Pencil drawing techniques is a method of recording or working out ideas that we see in our daily routine to save ideas for use it later. I will tell you some pencil sketching technique to benign perfect in this field.

Pencil Drawing TIPS:

It doesn’t matter what type of artist you are, you just need a pencil and a piece of paper in your early art life. Here are the basic techniques.

Pencil grip: how to hold the pencil for drawing, use your finger and thumb to control the pencil to make drawings improve. Shading technique: it will help you to define the shape and direction of the lines.

Outlines: A drawing has usually layers of outlines Hatching and cross.

pencil drawing techniques

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Wall Art

Wall Art Tips and Tricks


Metal wall hangings are the simplest and non-messiest means to decorate your wall in Wall Art, and they are available in quite a few styles, so you do not ever have to be worried about not finding something which will go with your decor. It won’t only decorate your wall but in addition, keep refreshing your memories connected with those lines. Sponging the walls with the right color may add a different appearance to the room.

Whether it’s an office or home, it’s important to create the environment attractively and lively.Whichever room you wish to decorate, if it is your bedroom, living area, kitchen or office space, you have to choose what you wish to escape that space. While you are in possession of a little bathroom, it doesn’t simply that you cannot make it appear great. Your room states a lot about you. so get the most out of it. Among the best ways you can remodel a room or earn a room perfect for children is to use wall stickers. You won’t need to repaint the whole room if it’s in a neutral color.You can read here to get ideas for exterior house paints.

Wall Art

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painting walls

Ideas, Tips and tricks of Painting Walls

Painting Wall Techniques and Painting Tips

There are many tactics in painting walls employing special techniques developed by experts. When you paint walls with dark colors that you’ll need to repair bright lights that will guarantee that the room does not appear cramped during the evening. s. Painting walls won’t just be fun but in addition innovative with these.Painting walls are among the largest tasks when painting the inside of a home. Now attempt to use a superior high-quality paint where it counts especially in regards to painting walls.

Paint Technique For Wall

Plain walls weren’t acceptable by upper management. In Perth, Australia, retaining walls are rather popular and everybody knows that the general construction for this certain project is a tough and tough job and just expert can have the ability to perform it. Sponging the walls with the right color may add a different appearance to the room.You can read about exterior house paint ideas here.

painting walls

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nail designs

All about Nail Designs and Nail Art

Top 9 Best Nail designs

Here are some cool nail designs.


nail designs

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artistic photography

Top 15 artistic photography that speak for themselves

Top 15 artistic photographs that speak for themselves

Here is a conceptual based photo manipulation artist and she show the darker truths of society through her work.Mostly recognized from her Levitation photography.Rida Shah’s Photography is the inspiration for artistic photographers, Here is some artistic photography of her.

1.You don’t need to be Muslim to stand up for Gaza, ,You just need to be Human.

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Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art Best Pictures and all about Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art Definition-What is Contemporary Art

The twenty-first century art by artists which provides a reflection of a contemporary society is known as Contemporary Art.

Top 11 Best Contemporary Art Pictures you will never seen Before


Contemporary Art

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how to paint

How to Paint Can Be Fun for Everyone

Some Basic Tips on How to paint A House

  • Select a color that create your desire atmosphere in home.
  • Keep your options small to keep things simple
  • Search for the better tools and products
  • Choose Quality Paint Colors
  • Search for Color Schemes on Google.

What Has to be Done About How to Paint

Attempting to make art on a small surface is only going to frustrate you when you are on the spot on how to paint.In Painting you just have to Crop the photo that will help you focus on what it is you’re trying to put in the painting if you are painting. It is a significant step in fabric painting which you just cannot afford to skip. It make the painting considerably more meaningful.Just like that while painting a home you have to figure out many aspects.

How to Paint A House

Airbrush approach to applying paint is going to have the very best effect on your kitchen cabinets, but nevertheless, it can be challenging to work with. A 2 part paint will require mixing both parts into 1 container while a 1 part will not. Without this, the paint won’t hold well. How you wish to use the paint will be your choice. Fabric paints are offered in a number of textures and consistency.

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exterior house paint ideas

Exterior House Paint Ideas pictures

Exterior House Paint Ideas,Tips,Tricks, Help!

There are specific things which should be considered while selecting a paint and exterior house paint ideas. It’s always smart to put money into paints that may be cleaned effortlessly. Furthermore, some sorts of paints are offered on the market that isn’t only shiny but cleanable too. Be certain you are testing the precise paint you are going to be using to paint your home.

The Exterior House Paint Ideas Trap

No wonder then that in regards to paints, specialists are really careful to make the best choice. Exterior paint can be created in any color you can consider and these are merely a few ideas to help you make the correct alternative you can check it here how to paint. Often, it happens people are unable to select the right sort of interior paints for their homes. So as to do this, you must find the best interior paint, not cut back on costs by purchasing low high-quality paints.

Painting is a good method to regularly maintain your home. Apart from making it appear good painting may add heavy dollars to your house’s value. The optimal/optimally thing to do whenever your exterior house painting appears to be falling apart, or only getting a little old, is to repaint whenever possible.

exterior house paint ideas

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portrait painting

All About Portrait Painting-portrait painting collections

Step by Step start of portrait painting

Portrait Painting Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

1.Select photo with good shadows and highlights.

2.Trace the image

3.Start by painting eyes

4.put mid-tone color in portrait

5.Paint the lightest color first

6.add basic colors in the hairs

7.Paint in the Background


Portrait Painting Equipment’s

  • A jar for cleaning brushes
  • Linseed oil
  • RAGS or Newsprint
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Palette
  • Brushes
  • Painting Clothes
  • Easel
  • Pencils

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abstract photography

18 most amazing abstract photography art pics and ideas

18 most amazing abstract photography art pics

Here are some Beautiful abstract photography art pics and some idea about abstract photography.


abstract photography

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Concecptual Photography

5 Best Conceptual Photography Art and Tips

Things You Should Know About Conceptual Photographers

Conceptual Photography Definition

If you wonder what Conceptual Photography is or you have heard about it and want to know about this read it here all about Conceptual Photography Ideas, tips, and art.

It’s a type of fine art photography, An imaginative, unreal that starts with a concept or an idea which are clearly explained in an image is said to be conceptual photography.

Conceptual photography is a sort of pictures which is used to communicate a message it is also a type of fine art photography. Now these days, fine art photographer using it for producing successful and understandable final image. Using conceptual photography in advertising of the most important areas for expert photographers to earn a living these days.

Best Ideas, Tips, and Techniques for better Conceptual Photography

Here are some short keys which may lead you to get better conceptual photographs for the next time.

  • Working conceptually
  • Color is everything
  • Best Framing
  • Best Poses
  • Similar Outfits according to concepts
  • Relevant Location
  • The SubjectHere are some unique tips that get you started thinking about it……1-    Imagination is a greater part of this type of photography. It’s about ideas, planning, and help, what you need and wants to say in your photographs. Think about the issues, ideas, and finding twisty and light lenses things that inspire you more and may inspire the viewer.2-    Working conceptually is not easy to do. It needs more patience and time to learn the world around you. Making conceptual photographs is controls manner of working. It let you stick out from many different photographers.

    3-    Define the message earlier than you may begin to create the actual concept, it’s helpful to define more what it is which you need your photos to say. What is the purpose in your mind? If your ideas and message are clear then it will reflect in the final image.

    4-    Dramatic lights in conceptual photography can also well intensify the strong feelings to your photography so, think about how best to do that? Developing an attention of lights is should if you need your objects to be supplied in properly lighting fixtures.

    5-    The subject is everything by using humans and objects that are the charm to the eye might also make the photos a chunk better within the eyes of the viewer. But push yourself and your subjects as far as you may. This is a tough one, however, what we don’t want to tasteless photo.

    6-    Consider scenes from your favorite movies and books, which could well provide the few useful inspirational thought. Consist of multiple sentences explaining why your image illustrates your preferred concept.

    7-    the Color texture is most important for conceptual photography because textures will always give a conceptual photograph. For this purpose, you can you the different type of tools like IPICY and Photoshop any many others. Here is the Photoshop’s link.

    8-    The most important thing to keep in mind that you have a strong story in your conceptual photography. The message that you want to convey in clear.

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watercolor art

Best watercolor art and watercolor painting techniques

watercolor art and water painting definition, ideas, history, and tools

“Watercolor art” its A method of painting in which the paints made with pigments suspended in water-based solution are known as. which are more trending in Art industries nowadays.

History of art watercolor painting techniques

It’s extremely old comes from alethic Europe from Egyptian times used for manuscript illustration but especially in European middle Ages.

Later on, it becomes famous in Europe, Unites States and all our the world. In 20th and 21 Centuries the artists produced important work in watercolor.

painting with watercolors

Four principal of ingredients in paint consists

  1. Pigments
  2. Additives
  3. Gum Arabic.
  4. Solvent (water)

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