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Tips and Tricks for Stunning Silhouette Photography

What is Silhouette Photography?

Silhouette photography is one of my favorite things to photograph because this type of photography can easily get your attention by their contrast of dark and light. Silhouette photography basically is an image where a dark figure is a captured against the light background.

Through Silhouette photography you can share your emotions and present the mystery and the drama.

Silhouette Photography

Tips and Tricks for Stunning Silhouette Photography.

Silhouettes Photography is a psychological effect of the image that can be frightening and beautiful but it up to you, how to present your subject for your viewers. There are some simple tips and trick that easy to follow.


The easiest way to capture a great silhouette photos is to use the sun as your background or backlight. The sunset and the sunrise time is the best time for the shot because your background should be brighter than your subject and it also adds the natural texture to your photographs.

Chose the Subject:

You need to put some ideas into your subject because it’s tricky to choose the subject and set it in front of the sun because the direct light will give an impressive and stronger silhouette photos. Keep in mind while choosing a subject, the subject should be recognizable because silhouette can’t draw the texture, colors, and tone of the subject.

Position yourself and your subject:

While capturing in front of the sun, your subject should stand between you and the light source like the sun and the subject’s body blocking the sun. If you walk closer to your subject it will be easy to block out the direct light of the sun. Walk around the subject and make the outlines.

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