Beginner Photography

10 Simple Beginner Photography Tips

Beginner Photography

In this article, I’ll share some great Beginner Photography tips with you that I’ve learned by time to time. So that, you can learn everything about photography which takes you the beginners in that field. It’s not difficult to capture the subjects around us, as a photographer we are visual learners. By capturing and mistaking, so then we improve ourselves better. Through the mistake, you can better learn about your camera and can create your own way to capture.

Beginner Photography

10 Simple Beginner Photography Tips

I’ve got some simple tips that you easily remember and follow and can be used with any type of camera and sure helpful for Beginner Photography.

ISO Meaning

If the light passed through the aperture and filtered by the shutter speed, the sensor extends and we need to open the ISO. In the exposure photography, the photographers use number up ISO but at the time an image quality can be decreased. So in the Beginner’s Photography, you can use the term of exposure vs. grain.

Canon vs. Nikon

Which camera is the best for Beginner Photography Canon or Nikon? There are a lot of similarities, but there’s a lot of difference too. It’s up to you which camera you select. Most of the latest Nikons utilize a new sensor design that allows an optical low pass filter. On the other hand, Canon’s latest DSLRs focused on the megapixels. For the further details about the camera, you can Read this Article 



Aperture is like a pupil of your eye and this is the hole inside of the lens and allowed the light passed. As the aperture widens of your camera, the lighter allowed into the camera it can be best when taking landscapes. In Beginner photography you should learn in which situation, how can cover it.

Lens Hood

Am not suggestion the use one but there is a reason to do so? The primary lens stops the light to hitting the front lens and reducing contrast and produce the flare. And the secondary lens hood protects the lens. The longer focal length lenses provide more front lens protection from dust and rain.

 Low angle shot

Low angle shot gives us a different view of the subject and can be used for the tall items to looking up shots. While using the wider lens, low angle shots work best as beginner photography. A low angle shot may have your subject near and far.

Photoshop White Balance

If you forget to set the white balance setting n your camera, no need to worry about it. It can happen to all of us but now this day for Beginner photography it’s not easily fixed in Photoshop. Open the image in Photoshop that you want to reset the white balance set the image mode 16 bits/channel. This setting will reside the curves adjustment layers. You can apply the colors effect and set the white balance. After trying you may learn something new. Here is the link if you want to try by yourself.

Beginner Photography


Flash off Camera

For Beginner’s Photography, you need to work with flash off-camera. Off- camera flash is quite a vast topic but am trying to cover it all in one article here. With the camera off lighting, you have a great control over the quality of your light and the direction.

Prime Lens

In photography, a prime lens is a great photographic lens for fixing the focal length.  It may be used as the opposite of Zoom. It has a higher-level optical quality, lighter weight smaller size, and wider maximum aperture.

Film vs. digital

The digital photograph’s quality can be measured in many ways like counting the number of pixels but the film doesn’t have pixels. Both methods correlate with each other’s and compared for equal resolution. The different sensor provides different resolutions, different types of films also provide different resolutions. The digital noise always depends on the sensor of the digital camera.

Majestic Tree Picture

The trees always catch our attention. You can spend a couple of hour with them and draw their shape, intricacy, and majesty as a photographic subject. For Beginner Photography, you can learn your camera by capturing tree photos in dark, in daylight, by using low angle shot. It’s the best subject for practicing in the various type.

you could be just a few days away from a Beginner Photography and finally understand all about your camera, how to use it to take great photos.


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