abstract painting

Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Abstract painting is a field of visual delights. This type of art explores the connection between forms and colors. Abstract art doesn’t represent a person, place or things of the natural world. its an Artwork which takes freedom, change for instance color and form in ways that are visible.
When we talk about abstract art we always thought how we can do that like if you are wondering that where to start abstract art then you are at right place, Here are some simple or understandable ideas for you to get basic knowledge about it.

abstract painting

Let me take you for the 1st step that is Inspiration:

For the beginners of abstract art, you should have a deep love of nature for creativity or imagination. Have an interest in human form and body language also the fairy land.

Abstract Designs:

Nature give us the most beautiful abstract just look around you, you might see a collection of abstract shapes anywhere a number of object meet. Of course, abstract patterns are all around us every day everywhere. It’s just a way for the source to get a start.



you will also add your surroundings expression. Abstract painting requires that. Abstract painting requires feelings for pattern making.

Make Adventure:

Try out your own texture and combining run, drip, and flow effects. Usually, use that as a background or base. Imagine what would best with the achieved background. So that process makes an experience for you to try new thing by own.
Abstract painting has further many types like Abstract acrylic painting, abstract painting black and white and many others.

Types of Abstract Painting.

  • Abstract acrylic painting

Painting is the most one of the pleasing way to express yourself. Abstract acrylic painting is a fast-drying paint and a type of fine art painting which can be used in thick and heavy layers that painting dries quickly to get you in the painting mindset here am presenting some guidance how to use Acrylic Paint.
So If you want to learn how to use acrylic paint in your art, take your acrylic paints outdoor! It’s an interesting way to explore acrylic painting. for the moisture of paint keep a spray bottle of water. you mostly learn by your own experiences if you further want to learn about acrylic paint just check out “Mastering Acrylic Painting with Marcia Burt“.

  • Abstract painting watercolor painting

if you have read my intro to abstract art then you ‘ll clearly know that it’s all about line, color, form, shape, pattern or texture. here well explore some watercolor technique and ll gave some instructions. well just focus on shape and color. first of all, try to your own abstract water painting in every variety of color, use any shape in all type of size, this instruction will be sure to inspire your next step of painting.

  • Abstract painting black and white

Black and white painting are very attractive and stunning then others, it likes among people in every age and now these days its worthy. black is one of the boldest and powerful colors because it makes you concentrate on elements such as structure, light, and form. the benefit of black and white abstract painting is that you can focus on the whole image. black and white add the value in your abstract painting.

Let us talk about the basic technique of Abstract water Painting

Realistic painting is the greatest place to get the start, combine realistic painting with the abstract background.Pick any subject from nature and draw it in realistic form but make its background abstract to using dotted with flick.
in watercolor work you can create abstract imaginary in easy and fun way by using many objects around us to create interesting textures.
when you draw a realistic painting like faces, in this blur the lines around the define feature of the face and feeding with watercolor.
Hope these Techniques will help you to make your own abstract art.If you want to learn more about art then click here.Don’t forget to share and comment.


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