smartphone photography

You may no need a DSLR anymore after knowing these Smartphone Photography Tips

Smartphone Photography

Everybody knows about smartphone photography, smart phones became an essential part of our lives no wonder where ever you are it’s always likely to take selfies and photographs of you and the things around you.
This smartphone photography guide will surely help you to enhance your skills to capture photographs with the mobile phone. As Photography is all about passion. If you love photography and follow some tips and tricks of photography your photos will be amazing. You don’t need to take your DSLR 24/7 with you to take amazing shots.

Smartphone Photography Tips

Here are some cool tips and tricks which will help you to take best mobile phone pictures of you and the people you love and the things around you. Just Follow these Step.

  • Give an Extra Second.
  • A Balanced Image
  • Use of Flash
  • Get Close To your Object
  • Learn Settings of Your Mobile phone Camera
  • Third Party Camera Apps
  • Photo Editing apps and Built-in options

smartphone photography

Give an Extra Second

Its always leads to taking best photos when you give some extra attention of what you are clicking. It also helps your camera lens to proper focus on your object and captures more colors. So while taking a shot still your hand to a specific object or a person (you want to capture) for some seconds so that your tiny mobile camera lens can detect it completely. But its not good in speed photography where you have to take picture in minimum time.

A Balanced Image

Balanced your Objects or models in the proper way in one image. No need to take unwanted side things along with your object and don’t be greedy while capturing the good background along with your image. Keep the best Frame in your mind and fill the Frame perfectly.
Tip: A Short tip for beginners is observed the photos of professional photographers that how beautifully they fill the frame will help to a mind set for your new pictures. You can also use any tool/photo editing software to crop the image.

smartphone photography

Use of Flash

Perfect Lightening is very necessary to take perfect shots all you have to do is to manage the light So use Flash of your mobile but use it wisely because in some places like while standing in front of glass its not suitable for you to on flash because it will give a unwanted reflection. So use a flash or manage brightness in your mobile camera settings manually for keep the photo light balanced.
Tip: Usually mobile phone Flashes are not too good so a Try to balance light with brightness feature in mobile.


Get Close To your Object

Mobile phones camera and their lens are not as sufficient as DSLR so it is better to stay as close to your object as required. You can also zoom in your object but it may decrease your photo quality result.

Learn Settings of Your Mobile phone Camera

It is advised to learn camera settings because the new generation mobiles have a lot of hidden features and camera settings that help to increase the fine capability of taking photos. New mobile phones have HDR options, cool photo effects etc options which are just amazing if you know when to use them.
Tip: Try multiple photo Effects like vintage on a sunny day.

Third Party Camera Apps

You may like third party camera apps like B612 and Candy Camera. These apps are used by millions of people nowadays during to excellent result in pictures and multiple filters and photo effects.
Which Mobile Camera App should I use today?
Tip: Try and Download the app with high rating and reviews.

Photo Editing apps and Built-in Options

Tip: Don’t forget to edit your picture with your photo editing app or most of the new phones have built in features of photo editing in the camera app. Play with brightness and contrast will help to get better result or add a cool filter on it.

How to Clean Mobile Camera

Your phone going in and out from your purse and pocket all day which causes the lens really dirty.So there is need to clean the camera , here are some keypoint tips to clean mobile phone camera.

  • Avoid harsh chemicas
  • Dont use abrasive cloths
  • Never use a large amount of water
  • Do not press to hard
  • Use a Microfiber Cloth


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