pencil sketching techniques

The Basics of Pencil Drawing Techniques

Pencil Drawing Techniques

There are many ways to save our ideas today just like the pencil sketch its a method of recording or working out ideas according to our thoughts.Pencil drawing techniques is a method of recording or working out ideas that we see in our daily routine to save ideas for use it later. I will tell you some pencil sketching technique to benign perfect in this field.

Pencil Drawing TIPS:

It doesn’t matter what type of artist you are, you just need a pencil and a piece of paper in your early art life. Here are the basic techniques.

Pencil grip: how to hold the pencil for drawing, use your finger and thumb to control the pencil to make drawings improve. Shading technique: it will help you to define the shape and direction of the lines.

Outlines: A drawing has usually layers of outlines Hatching and cross.

pencil drawing techniques


Hatching: they are the most valuable tool to make effectiveness and texture in the art.

Check and recheck: After complete the drawing you should have to make sure things are consistent and look right before putting down stronger and harder lines.

Drawing Art

If you want to be perfect in this field, first of all, you should find your own pencil drawing techniques.Becuase There are no basic rules of pencil sketching it’s just the experience that makes your sketching or drawings perfect.

Don’t be worried to try your own way of art Be confident about your work that “you draw a perfect sketch”.These efforts are very basic, easy to follow and can you can be expert in a short period of the time.




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