Best Calligraphy Practice

The Art of Calligraphy

Basically, calligraphy is a visual art that is related to writing. It’s a piece of fine-art where the letters sometimes may readable or may not be. it is used for event and wedding invitations, religious art, logo design, graphic design testimonials, maps and other written works.

Let’s Start with Calligraphy

Before starting calligraphy you need to collect the basic tools. The tool for a calligraphy is the pen and the brush. pen’s nib in the different shape that may be round, flat or pointed. Multi-nibbed pens and steel brushes can also be used for some decorative purpose.




Some Tips for Calligraphy and Hand-Lettering Beginners

I am presenting some tips for you guys to learn it.
If you are really like to try calligraphy but don’t want to invest a lot and also don’t know where to start then follow it

Learn Online:

You don,t have to go for typical calligraph class while you have a busy routine Becuase it is less messy and less expensive compared to calligraphy courses. You can take the online classes infect there are too many courses is available on YOUTUBE. In these classes, you learn the basic use of dual-tip brush pens.

Keep practicing:

The second step is to keep practicing as it is said to practice makes a man perfect because In the starting your hand writing doesn’t have to be great. Just follow the tutorials and practice regularly but do it slowly that make a quality in your work.Focus on Quality, not Quantity.




Correct your error:

During learning,  you will make many mistakes. How fast you are going to pick these tricks to depend on how fast you uncover your mistakes. Don’t waste your time to practice continuously, after little bit practice you should know what you doing wrongly. When you identify your mistake it’s easy to you to take the next step.




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