studio photography ideas

Some Cool studio photography ideas to build your own studio now

Cool studio photography ideas

Here are some Cool studio photography ideas to build your own studio and suggested by experts to give a perfect look to your studio.

Dedicated space

There should be a dedicated space where all of your photography toys like camera’s lights etc should be hang out.This thing is more suitable in an ideal home studio setup so that your family or other members don’t get disturbed or not have to more your stuff here and there. It will not just accommodate your family also give a good impact on your clients.

studio photography ideas


Enough space to Zoom

Another big hurdle is to manage required space to zoom the lens. The studio must have enough space to operate zoom lens well. Because while using a wide angle lens and standing close to your subject you will get your image distorted so to prevent from this you have to step back from object and zoom in.19-20 Feet deep room is usually considered best for this.

Low Ceiling

Light effects on the photos a lot. The ceiling should be low in your Studio So that Light can Bounce Well. Low Ceiling will work as Reflecting Board which will help to take more brighter photos than photos taken in the high ceiling.


Window in Studio

There are pros and cons of having the window in your studio.A Good effect of this is you have soft light and you don’t need a flash and the bad thing in it there is sometimes more light than required which will hard to control which result in a picture have less contrast than brightness.


Using Best Light

Perfect Lights plays a vital role to take ordinary shots So You should have a proper lighting equipment placed in Best Place as per your camera settings. Light modifiers can also help to controls the effect of light that coming out from Flash. Umbrellas and softbox can also be used for this purpose. Perhaps You can Read article all about photography lighting tips and tricks and Best equipment available in the market for studio photography lighting here. It will help you to take professional ideal shots.

Hang Your Best Work in Your Studio

Decorating the walls of your studio I will suggest you decorate in with your best clicks and frame them in a wall it will also impress your clients and will give u professional fresh look to your studio.

Insurance For Just in Case

It is not highly recommended but it’s good to have insurance of your studio Because Risk is everywhere. Investing a small amount doesn’t matter a lot especially when you lost something either it’s robbed or burned.


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