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All About Concert Photography

A short Explanation of Concert Photography 

Concert Photography is the photography of activities regarding live shows and tune. It incorporates photographs the of a band or musician as well as the description of a concert.

Concert Photography is one of the maximum hard fields in pictures than to pose photos. On this form of photography, we don’t have any manage of almost any parameter in the photo. We will direct the object we do not have to manipulate over the continuously changing lights, we also do not have access to any angle.

In this short article, I’ll share some tips to capturing a concert photography and about camera settings, they’ll sure help you to boost you as the concert photographer.

Concert Photography


Best Concert Photography Tips for Beginners

  • My first suggestion for interested people in this field is to start small. You have got shot the bar around the corner from your home. Start by capturing local bands in a kind of venues. Maybe you faced the lack of stage light.
  • My next bit of guidance is to shoot what you know? Always become a member of the scene, not the outsider. Understand the music and in the flip and try to a connection between a crowd and the band.
  • Another element of Concert photography, think about the decisive moment. In this way, you can easily define the band, the show and the night.
  • Take notice of the way the light hits them, crop out what is not sensible, don’t forget to focus and think about the right exposure. When it comes down you have only half of a second to observe in mind all these things but soon it will absolutely come naturally.
  • Carry all the needed gear and have the knowledge all about your equipment and shoot the same tired and typical image.
  • When you start with small venues, use the lens with the small aperture (e.g. 50mm 1.8) and high ISO.

Camera setting for Concert Photography

After reading the tips and camera setting, I hope it will improve your skill magically and you will be amazed that is not too difficult than it seems

Aperture for Concert Photographers:

With “fast” lenses I am consulting to lenses with a small aperture number inclusive of f1.4, f1.8 or f2.8. While you are capturing a concert in low light conditions you should set the aperture wide open to allow enough light hit your camera sensor.  For influences Depth of field is the focal length of your lens. The longer the focal length e.g. 200mm the shallower the depth of field. The shorter the focal length e.g. 35mm for deeper the depth of field.

Concert Photography

Shutter speed:

In concert photography, if you want to get a Sharpe image shoot with a fast shutter speed around 1/200 of a second. And if you blur the parts of the image then set a slower shutter speed. When you use the hand-holding camera, you should use the 1/focal length is the slowest shutter speed.


For getting a decent shutter speed in the low-light concert photography set up your ISO at least 1600. For warmer, the camera sensor gets setting the higher the ISO and the more noise you will encounter in your pictures. There are approaches to reduce the noise all through submit-manufacturing, but the goal is to hold the ISO as low as possible.


Use Auto White Balance:

The reason why we have to use the white stability placing is to get the colors in our photograph as accurate as possible. As you could see in concert photography, the light situation may be changed within seconds and also you aren’t capable of control on them. You can change the white balance setting to your digital camera.

Never use flash in concert photography

In usual you are not allowed to apply a flash in concert photography. Presuppose ten photographers burst their flashes at the same time. This will be pretty traumatic for the artist and this could additionally the cause why they got here up with the guideline “no flash” inside in the image pit. While doing concert photography, you are capturing in hinders of flashes of the others camera. So in that situation, your flash will not effect on the subject.


Keep these concert photography in your mind and you’ll be able to get the amazing result. If you have any confusion or question post them in the comments below.

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