high speed photography equipments

High Speed Photography Equipment Settings and Requirments

Equipment Required for High-Speed Photography

Following Equipment’s helps to take High-Speed Photography Equipment

  • Camera with manual control
  • Device that running Trigger trap mobile
  • Mobile Dongle for Trigger trap
  • Flash Gun with the manual control
  • Dark room for good high-speed portrait shots

Additional Equipment for High-Speed Photography

  • Light Stand and an Umbrella Adapter
  • A torch
  • Light Modifiers to change the light directions

high speed photography equipments


What is the camera setting for High-Speed Photography?

Camera on Manual Mode because autofocus is fairly slow

What is the shutter speed for High-Speed Photography?

It will be long exposure so there will be enough time to click the action happen

What is the ISO for High-Speed Photography?

If the image is dark then increase the ISO from 200.

What are the Flash Settings for High-Speed Photography?

Set Your Flash to manual Setting with as much as low power.Becuase it will shorten the Flash duration.


Trigger-trap Settings in Mobile For High-Speed Photography?

1.Go into Settings and click on pulse length menu and set it to 30ms and sensor delay to 5 seconds.

2.Go to Sound Sensor mode and press the red button, set the threshold to a specific point where trigger loud enough.

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