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HOUSE PAINTING Tips for Color Selections and Basic Tools Guideline


Now, these days House painting is not difficult for an artist or artistic mind, it’s not difficult to make your home beautiful. Everyone want the fresh and new look of the home. I ‘ll tell you the best tricks to make your home beautiful and attractive in the best ways to give a breath of fresh air for your old room.Let’s Start with step by step.


Selection of Color Paint-Best household Paint:

Before choosing color always keep in mind that paint color effect on your mood, its effects you physically and psychologically.

Painting Techniques for Walls

⦁ Select those colors which keep you restful, soft, cool, and dramatic.

⦁ A strong color might be too darker in the daylight.

⦁ The volume of the room is the impact of the color painting.

⦁ The light colors make your room easy to see and the dark color make it narrow. The right interior paint can turn your room into an extraordinary space. Wall Decoration With Paint Ideas. you can do lot cheapest, fastest and easiest things that to change the interior looks. wall decoration with paint ideas that are going to present how to add a personal touch to your home while not spending a lot of money.

house painting


⦁ Use Whisk broom scanner to add texture to your wall with paint.

⦁ Draw your own design by outlining it on the wall using a cardboard model.

House Painting Equipment-feathering Paint Brush:

In supplement to well quality demand equipment, you may need some paint tools listed below. 1. Purdy XL 3-inch Angular Trim Glide Brush 2. Wooster roller

1. Purdy XL 3-inch Angular Trim Glide Brush

2. Wooster roller handle

3. Wooster Sherlock roller pole

4. Wire brush

5. Putty knife

6. Roller tray and grid

7. Paint pail

8. Drop cloths



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HOUSE PAINTING Tips for Color Selections  and Basic Tools Guideline

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