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Joy the Art of Nature Photography

Joy the Art of Nature Photography

Nature Photography is an extensive field of photography taken outdoors and dedicated to showing natural elements like wildlife, landscape plants. Everyone has a great love of nature and want to capture everything but everyone doesn’t know how to capture, how to adopt the pace of nature. I always said! Just look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

5 Tips for Better Nature Photography

Nature photography mean to me is always to capture the beauty that nearby me. I always follow my own quote “Releasing the shutter button is just the beginning of a great Nature photography” so in this article my purpose is to explore some easy tips for those who have the 1st step in the Nature Photography.

nature photography

1-your visual point should be powerful:

I feel a part of nature infect, Everyone has a different point of view to nature but one of the most effectual process to create a powerful work of nature photography is to use visual elements to lead the viewer’s eye into the scene.


2-An attractive Background:


you shoot comes more dramatic when the background is a recognizable actual environment for your subject. This puts your and your viewer into nature.

3-Depth of the field for Nature Photography:

Try to deep depth of field when you are capturing, you should have to know how to control your camera in a various situation for nature photography.

4-Perfect time for capture:

If you are using the time of sunset and sunrise (morning and evening), you can compose a dramatic image.

5-Make more impressive your Nature Photography:

To add some more impact and drama in nature photography you can capture movement, action, interaction. This is an inspiring, inexpressible once in a lifetime adventure!
Yes, it’s must work, but rewards always come to you if you work hard.

Let’s do NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY with iPhone

Nature is all around us but it’s up to us how to capture it and explore the beauty of nature. you always find the natural objects to photograph but can’t carry the heavy camera equipment every time. in this article, you’ll discover many inspiring ideas for nature photography by iPhone.
• shoot from extremely low angles means you can get genuinely close to your subject.
• if you have iPhone you will never miss out the beauty on a flower or many other things which you see every day.
• iPhone is a better tool for beginners, but it’s up to you to capture both poor and outstanding photos.
• there are a lot of camera app but if you want a quick shot of your pet’s tiny action then use the shortcut iPhone camera.
• turn off your flash and can use the third party apps for taking an experiment shot.

• hope so, through this article you learn something new. don’t forget feedback, what on your mind about this.

nature photography




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