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Tips for Shooting Long Exposure Photography

Everything About Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography means about capturing stationary scenes with the moving element picture that will require a long-duration shutter speed. This type of photography is easy to conduct in low light conditions but mostly used in night time settings.

Long Exposure Photography with Android phone

You can also capture with your Android phone and iPhone to capture amazing moving elements like fireworks keeping a shutter in slow speed. With an Android device, after a few trials of shot and error, you’ll found a long exposure picture. I’ll suggest you a couple of tips while capturing by Android phone or iPhone.

Dark shot: keep the exposure level for the dark shot at middle and high and shot into ten and thirty seconds.

Light shot: keep the exposure level low and shot for a few seconds within twenty.

12 Best long exposure photography photos were taken with Mobile Phone

Exposure Photography

Exposure Photography


Exposure Photography

Exposure Photography

Exposure Photography

Exposure Photography

Exposure Photography

Exposure Photography

Exposure Photography

Exposure Photography

A Beginner’s tips to Shooting Long Exposure Photography

In this article, I’ll explore some useful tips for you how to do long exposure photography by yourself. You’ll learn all the beginner’s tips.

1-    Study about the weather and visit the location in advance because you need a lot of time to find the exact composition for perfect long exposure photography.

2-    Arrange your camera on a tripod because it could make a huge difference to your extraordinary long exposure photography

3-    Pay attention to your focal point of the subject which way to improve it and lock the focus. If you are selecting autofocus mode, you need to half-pressing the shutter button.

4-    Now set your camera to get a correct long exposure and shot by moving completely to the right and the left. Make sure your camera is set, it may be shaken when there’s a breeze.

5-    If you want any type of long exposure photography in a day you need to add the Neutral Density Filters. Using it you think that you are blind but your camera can see everything perfectly.

6-    Now the time to take long exposure shot. It might difficult as u expect. Recollect the shutter speed around 60 seconds and shot.

Long exposure photography is key to capture a fresh look of the world you captured every day.

Long Exposure Photography

How to take impressive Long Exposure Night Photography

Long exposure night photography is more rewarding than during the day because, in the night time, you can capture the exact log exposure and don’t need to worry about the light changing. You can take maximum time due to fewer people and can do your work patiently than the day time.

Here are presenting some tips to keep in mind to help you.

Work in manual mode in Long-Exposure Photography:

The first tip is to make sure you are not working in automatic mode. Should select manual mode because you’ll set the shutter speed, ISO, aperture. In manual mode, you can control your camera.

Comfortable with bulb mode or not?

For getting a long exposure in bulb mode you need the shutter speed up to 30 seconds. In bulb mode, you can take exposure photography several minutes long.


Shot in RAW for long exposure night photography

When you are capturing long exposure at night, you need to shoot in RAW format. The reason for selecting this for a shot is that the camera can capture most of the colors at the bright end of the scale.

Choose the proper setting:

Your setting always depends on the situation either your selected area is lighted or not? According to your area for shooting in night select the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture.

Take a test shot in high ISO:

Before captured the long exposure in a night you can test shot in 30 up seconds shutter speed and 200 ISO for perfect long exposure night photography.

Exposing at night:

When you follow the above-mentioned step, you can get the great shot. The scene may more attractive and everything looks more stunning in the night due to effects of the lights.

Before following these step you should know the camera setting for your long exposure.


Long exposure settings for photography

Shutter speed:

Setting shutter speeds in the 1/500-, 1/1000- and 1/2000-second range. You’ll be able to capture the clouds moving across the sky and the other moving objects.

Aperture for long-exposure photography:

When you set your shutter speed you need to set your aperture and it up to your focal lens and length that you are using.

Which ISO level you can use:

For a bright daylight shoot, shoot at the lowest ISO auto off about 100 to 200. If you need a small aperture and want to get the dark image then use it.

White balance:

If you want to capture the beauty of sea waves and the good background, you need to use the correct white balance setting. By using this you can expose an image with true life color.

Through this article, I tried my best to explore everything about long exposure photography, for any doubt about this or if you need further any help, ask questions in the comments below. Please share your long exposure photography as well.


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