Use these tips and tricks for Better Studio Photography

Studio Photography Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

Studio photography is normally an expensive business but you can create a little studio at your home to reduce that cost a Lil bit low. I have written an article on studio photography ideas which will help you to better manage your studio. Here are some basic tips and tricks which will help you to take better studio photographs so let’s start with it.

  • Knowledge About Shadows

Shadows based on the hardness and length by the power of lighting also depends on the distance of subject and type of light directly or indirectly. As a sunny Day, you have a long, hard shadow. just like the same if you have a brighter light opposite to your subject the shadow will be huge. So you have a complete control on light to avoid unnecessary shadow in a picture.

studio photography shadow

  • Studio Lighting

Best Photography depends on best lighting. Additional Lighting in Background helps to take amazing shots also helps to apply effects in a photo.We can Create amazing desired shadows with additional Flashes.You Can Read here all about studio lighting.

studio photography lighting



  • Use of Diffusers in photography

Use a Diffuser will help to use light in the better way.Multi-shape Diffusers have multiple results in photography like using umbrella diffuser take less time to set up and gives an excellent result in portrait photography.

light diffusers studio photography


  • Best Use of Reflectors

Reflectors are mostly common equipment in the studio helps to slightly colored light on the subject. It comes with different shapes and sizes. It gives more good results in daylight.

Reflectors studio photography

  • How much Flash power need to take a shot

Here are some key points which will help you to adjust the light accurately

  • For Small Products 100-150Ws Flash heads
  • while Shooting a person 200Ws
  • For Large groups and multiple objects 400WS

“You Can Reduce the Flash power when needed.”

  • Which Camera is best For Studio Photography

There are a number of varieties which will confuse you to select but I will recommend you to take any ultra high-tech camera.Becuase it will let you enter in Shutter speed and ISO manually which are enough for Studio Photography.

  • Camera Settings For Studio Photography

Set ISO Value to 100 and Shutter speed on 1/125.Lighting should be selected according to requirements. You can Read about Best Lighting for Studio Photography here.



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