What is ART

What is ART (ALL About ART)

What is ART?

while defining what is Art we can say it is a wide range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing art works. Most of the people use the art to express their feelings like dancing singing-performing handiwork. It’s a great way to express the inner.
It is said to Known the use of art make our work perfect.
The use of art mostly depends on the types of art but its use in the daily life at home, at business, at school work.

What is ART


Use OF Art, Let’s talk About

Did you Often use to decor the room or privet area?
Artist uses it to save the culture for people so that the next generation can see the culture.
It helps to explain a person’ thinking style and mental health.
African use the art to communicate with the spiritual power.
Artwork use in literature and music.
It’s also used as a treatment in the child who doesn’t inspire by Creativity.
Art use in graphic designing, fashion designing, and flower designing.

Types of art

Animation Art: animation is the visual art of creating and make the illusion of motion.

Architecture: the art of designed structure of something like building designing.

Body Art: body art is the newest form of the art- includes face painting, body painting like tattoos and live statues.

Drawing: A type of initial sketching for a painting and often use in fine art.

What is ART

Folk Art: folk art comes from community and culture.

Graphic Art: Graphic art is the types of visual expression defined more by line and tone, rather than color.

Abstract Art: Abstract art try to find the break away from traditional representation of physical objects



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